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Aangan Novel PDF by Khadija Mastoor free download In Urdu or read online. Summary and Review Aangan Urdu Novel is Khadija Mastoor's best neighborhood novel, where she endeavors to show the social, political, and financial crisis that happened during the bundle of India and Pakistan. The novel portrays genuine homegrown life so that it Although the story is the tale of one of the yards, truly this story is from one house to another. The emergency and decrease in Muslim society have been flawlessly depicted.

In the first place, the story starts with a flashback, and afterward back to reality, the creator adds to the original's allure. The plot depends on the patio issues of a working-class Muslim family. Restricted to the four dividers of the house, this yard has turned into the patio of each house in the subcontinent. The plot of the novel is exuberant to such an extent that no pointless occasions are permitted anyplace. 

The creator has portrayed the issues of each class in their own language and articulation, which has improved the magnificence of the book. This is the best novel by Khadija Mastoor. Aangan, because of its authentic topic, social truth, creative development, and scholarly mindfulness, I believe is an awesome work of art novel in Urdu which has made Khadija Mastoor eternal in the realm of writing. "Dr. Aslam Azad

Khadija Mastoor is one of the female Urdu authors who, through her imaginative virtuoso and creative cognizance, increased the creative expectation of novel composition and improved its orientation eminence. His work of art is the book "Aangan" in which he officially introduced the encounters of life as well as gave them exceptional expansiveness and level through his inventive power and profound understanding. In his novel, clear guides of progress in conditions, the loss of obsolete thoughts, and new friendly issues have become known.

 Khadija Mastoor succeeds at narrating. They portray the occasions so that the political and social scene connected with them comes to the front. Their accounts as a rule rotate around working-class issues. They are neither emblematic nor simple stories, yet the wonderful blend of the two is the sign of the untold stories. Their topics are wide and in view of social qualities with a political and moral foundation. At the point when he began composing, he didn't have a model before him, he just portrayed what he saw and felt in an imaginative manner.

Khadija Mastoor was a notable Urdu author and writer from Pakistan who was one of the most famous characters in Urdu writing. Khadija is popular in the realm of writing on account of her clever Aangan on which we likewise made a dramatization on TV. Her more youthful sister Hajra Masroor was additionally a writer and author while artist, dramatist, and editorialist Khalid Ahmed was her more youthful sibling. Khadija's dad Syed Tahoor Ahmad Khan was a specialist in the British Army. He passed on from respiratory failure. After the autonomy of Pakistan in 1947, Khadija moved to Lahore with her family and settled there.

Khadija Mastoor was brought into the world on December 11, 1927, in Balsa, Bareilly, British India. His dad's name was Dr. Tahor Ahmad Khan. He was an administration colleague. Because of his work, he was moved to various urban areas and towns because of which he was unable to give appropriate consideration to the schooling and preparation of his kids.

Khadija's mom's name was Anwar Jahan, she was an informed lady, and a large portion of her articles was distributed in different ladies' magazines. Abstract patterns were additionally brought into the world in the youngsters he saw. Khadija's dad kicked the bucket at an early age, leaving her family in desperate waterways. She remained in Bombay for quite a while. After the parcel from India, she came to Pakistan and got comfortable in Lahore.

It is worth focusing here that Khadija's family was in an extremely challenging circumstance at the hour of relocation. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi helped her in such a troublesome time. In 1950, Khadija wedded Zaheer Babar, nephew of a renowned writer Who was related to the calling of news-casting. Khadija carried on with an extremely serene life after marriage. Several was especially enamored. The two took incredible consideration of one another.

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