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The Al Chemist by Paulo Coelho Urdu Edition

 The Al Chemist by Paulo Coelho Urdu Edition

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Urdu Translation pdf free download

The Alchemist Urdu translated novel is written by Paulo Coelho Urdu Translation pdf free download. This is a very good English novel that is now finally translated into Urdu for the People of Pakistan and India. You can now easily download Urdu translated novel Alchemist by Paulo.

Peer E Kamil (SAW) Novel By Umera Ahmed

 Peer E Kamil (SAW) Novel By Umera Ahmed Best urdu reading book

Pir-e-Kamil or Peer-e-Kamil (Urdu: پیر کامل صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم‎; meaning "The Perfect Mentor") is a novel written by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad. It was first published in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. ... It is Ahmad's most popular work. It is followed by a sequel Aab-e-Hayat 

Publication date: Urdu: 2004; English: 2011

Chand Gehan Urdu Novel By Intizar Hussain Free PDF Download

Chand Gehan Novel Pdf

Chand Gehan Urdu Novel by Intizar Hussain free PDF download or read online from this blog. Intizar Hussain could be a nice author and author of Urdu. He authored several books and got fame for his short stories. The pain of migration, women’s rights humiliation, and therefore the difficulties of a standard man ar the principal subject of his stories. I hope you wish the book Chand Gehan Novel Pdf and share it. Intizar Hussain is the author of the Chand Gehan Novel Pdf. it's an excellent story in  Urdu that describes the emotions of the folks concerning the pain of migration. The author describes the difficulties of the Kashmiri folks. He told true when the movement of the folks at the time of the partition of Bharat. Now read and get pdf file copy from below links at the end of the post.

Intizar Hussain Books PDF

Charaghon Ka Dhuan By Intizar Hussain Books PDF Download


Charaghon Dhuan Intizar Hussain

Charaghon Ka Dhuan by Intizar Hussain books free PDF download or read online from this blog. In this Urdu Novel, Intizar Hussain told concerning his life (Yadoon Ka Pachas bars) Fifty years memory. Intizar Husain was a journalist, short-story author, and writer, wide thought-about one in every of the foremost vital fiction writers in Urdu. He delineated the time of partition of India. He commented concerning several writers WHO met Intizar Hussain. The book gave adequate data concerning the lifetime of Intizar Hussain. I hope you prefer the book Charaghon Ka Dhuan Pdf and share it with the opposite readers.  Intizar Hussain is that the author of the book Charaghon Ka Dhuan Pdf. The book is associate degree biography by Intizar Hussain. He was a legendary story author and author of Urdu. He authored several super hit books, that square measure assets of Urdu literature. Now easily read or get pdf file from below links at the end of the post.


Intizar Hussain Books

Basti by Intizar Hussain PDF Download Urdu Novel Free


Basti Intizar Hussain PDF Download

Basti by Intizar Hussain PDF download Urdu Novel free read online from this blog. Intizar Hussain is the author of the book Basti Novel Pdf. The book contains a formidable social, romantic story. Intizar Hussain is taken into account one among the highest writers of Urdu. He authored some nice writings, together with novels and short stories. Basti is that the nice Pakistani Urdu novel, a fantastically written, brightly creative reckoning with the violent history of a rustic whose turbulence, ambitions and uncertainties progressively concern the complete world. In Urdu, Basti suggests that any house, from the foremost intimate to the foremost universal, within which teams of individuals along|close|move} to do to measure together, and therefore the universal question at the guts of the book is the way to represent a typical world. This Urdu local novel is another masterpiece of Intizar Hussain. He mentioned several social and ethical problems within the book. Meanwhile, he criticized the behaviour of the community courageously. I hope you prefer the book Basti Novel Pdf and share it on social media sites. Now easily read or get a pdf file from below links.

Basti Intizar Hussain PDF Download

Bano Qudsia Novels Hawa K Naam Urdu PDF Free Download

Hawa K Naam

Bano Qudsia Novels Hawa K Naam Urdu PDF free download or read online from this blog. Hawa K Naam by Bano Qudsia PDF free download is an Urdu novel. That defines the highlights of a revolutionary society. Moreover, Bano Qudsia was not in favour of girls’ empowerment in such a way that the Western international locations have introduced. Further, she says that this is too much over and this type of development and girls empowerment doesn’t suit. Actually, I assume she is right. In 1971 was celebrated as the woman year. Bano Qudsia changed into a writer, intellectual, playwright and spiritualist from Pakistan who wrote Urdu novels and quick stories appeared amongst the fine Urdu novelists and short story writers of modern-day times. She was excellent recognised for her novel Raja Gidh. She wrote for tv and stage in both the Urdu and Punjabi languages.

حوا کے نام

Bano Qudsia Novels

Dil Torna Mana Hai Urdu Novel By Nasir Hussain PDF Download

Dil Torna Mana Hai

Dil Torna Mana Hai Urdu Novel by Nasir Hussain PDF Download or read online from this blog. Nasir Hussain is a young but talented story creator and leading novelist of Urdu. In his short writing career, he authored multiple dozen awesome hit novels and serialized stories. Moreover, Nasir gained fame for his romance novels. He introduced a completely unique writing style and adopted appealing topics. The Urdu novelDil Torna Mana Hai Novel Pdf is an outstanding social and romantic story by using Nasir Hussain. It published on a website in month-to-month episode form and gained tons of appreciation of the readers from its first release. The writer described the existence of a kind coronary heart boy who belonged to an influential family. The boy wanted to assist the needy people and had sympathetic emotions for them. Later, he concerned in love with a lady having lovely beauty. Now easily read or download pdf file copy from this blog.

Urdu Novels

Ishq Ka Sheen Aleem ul Haq Haqi Novel Complete PDF Download

Ishq Ka Sheen Aleem ul Haq

Ishq Ka Sheen Aleem ul Haq Haqi Complete 6 Parts Single PDF download or read online. It's a long story which goes from materialistic world love to intimate romance with Almighty God. It took writer over 13 years to compose and goes on. Six sections have been distributed up until now and seventh is en route. This Novel about a kid, naturally introduced to a universal non-Muslim family, with the favours of a Muslim Saint, who was pulled in to Muslims and changed over to Islam. A few days back, the idea of reading the Urdu novel came from the Urdu Fan website and downloaded the novel and started reading it in the beginning as if it is a novel like all the usual novels, but as read It was realized that not the story of a hit from ordinary novels rotates around a Sikh family, whose children do not have children, but then Allah blesses them with the blessing of the children, as well as the family as well. Giving and taking different steps of life, ultimately, becomes convert to Islam. I have an illustration that you guys read this novel. You may be read Fee Sabi Lillah and Ishq Ka Ain.

عشق کا شین ناول مکمل چھ حصے ایک ہی فائل میں

 از علیم الحق حقی

Ishq Ka Sheen Novel

Aleem ul Haq Haqi novels
Download Complete 6 Parts Single PDF

Download in Parts
 Part 5 
Part 6  

Saibaan Aleem ul Haq Haqqi Famous Urdu Novel PDF Download

Saibaan Aleem ul Haq Haqqi

Saibaan Aleem ul Haq Haqqi most famous Urdu novel PDF free download or read online.  This novel is distributed by Ilm o Irfan Publishers. Saiban is the account of a kid who inadvertently turned into a fighter. His dad got executed because of his political perspectives. He needed to end up a rescuer for his more youthful sibling. In any case, his more youthful sibling did not think about his affection and emotions. This is an astounding Urdu tale with anticipation, activity, excite, and sentiment in the meantime. Saibaan by Aleem ul Haq Haqqi PDF document for simple downloading and web-based perusing. Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi was outstanding and acclaimed Urdu writer who has a wide readership over the globe and, especially, in Pakistan and India. His books for the most part talk about sentiment, consuming issues of our general public, legislative issues, International power amusements, human brain science, puzzle, anticipation, and experience. His books for the most part talk about sentiment, consuming issues of our general public, legislative issues, International power diversions, human brain science, riddle, tension, and experience. Mr Haqqi was chipping away at the seventh, and last, some portion of his outstanding novel "Ishq ka Sheen عشق کا شین" and, as I read in a few sites, directly in the wake of finishing the novel he passed away. You may be read Ishq Ka Ain and Amawas Ka Dia.

سائبان اردو ناول

 از علیم الحق حقی
Famous Urdu Novels

Saiban Aleem ul Haq Haqqi

Gharnata Ka Chopan By Aslam Rahi MA Urdu Novel Online PDF

Gharnata Ka Chopan

Gharnata Ka Chopan By Aslam Rahi MA free download Urdu novel online PDF is a tale about the historical backdrop of Spain. Aslam Rahi MA is the writer of the book. The author depicts the standard of the Muslims in the Undlas.In the year 892, the Muslim power in Spain ended forever in 1492, and the last state of Gharnnath went to the occupation of the Christians. This incident is remembered as the name of Saqoot e Garnatan. The last Muslim Emirate in Spain, Abu Abdullah, ruler of Gharnnatha, surrendered to Taj Arghoon and the Christian rulers of Taj Arghoon, Queen Isabella and Shah Fredent, and in this way, the Muslim power over centuries has always ended. Under the agreement, Muslims were assured of complete religious freedom, but the Christian rulers did not maintain their promise for a long time, and Jews and Muslims were expelled from Spain. Muslims were forced to become a Christian, who refused to deny it. The shameful events of the last ruler Abu Dawood, before the fall of Gharnnata. He portrays their ascent and the purposes behind the ruin. He advised the battle of the Muslims to spare his standard in Spain. Aslam Rahi MA is the best story essayist and writer. He wrote numerous super hit history books and the other social, sentimental stories. He presented numerous legends of the Muslims to the adolescent.

غرناطہ کا چوپان 

ایم راحت

Gharnata By Aslam Rahi

Gharnata Ka Chopan Novel

Tareek Razam Gah By Aslam Rahi MA History Urdu PDF Book

Tareek Razam Gah

Tareek Razam Gah by Aslam Rahi MA History Urdu PDF book. Tareek Razamgah is a magnificent recorded novel contain a lovely notable story of such a valiant Muslim naval commander authority Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A in Urdu dialect. This is a history in which the author depicts the common war of Spain. He brought up the explanations behind the ruin of the Muslims in Spain. He talked about the tricks and the job of backstabbers. Aslam Rahi MA is the best author and story, essayist. He wrote many the narratives and books in which a large portion of the books are on the historical backdrop of the Muslims. He gave the state of a novel to the authentic certainties. You may be read Muqadas Ehad and Black Temple.

Razam Gah Aslam Rahi

Tareek Razam Gah Aslam Rahi

Wish Kania By MA Rahat Novel Urdu Online Free Download PDF

Wish Kania MA Rahat

Wish Kania written by MA Rahat Novel Urdu online free download PDF. MA Rahat is the most Pakistani Urdu novelist and writer he writes many popular books in Urdu, he writes a number of novels and stories for children and elders. You also wrote a number of novels on the Imran series. The number of your written novels is described as 1100. Apart from this, The novel also wrote the son of the centuries Sadaion Ka Beta and Aks Urdu novel in PDF. Get free best Urdu novels in PDF file format now download this novel from the below links.

 وش کنیا

ایم اے راحت
Wish Kania Novel Urdu

Wish Kania Rahat Novel

Rakhail Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler Complete PDF Free Download

Rakhail Riaz Aqib Kohler

Rakhail Novel written by Riaz Aqib Kohler complete PDF free download or read online from this website. This is a great social, sentimental, and exciting Urdu story which portrays the life of a guiltless young lady. She confronted the remorselessness of a criminal with incredible bravery. This tale distributed first in a process and later discharged in a Novel. he some word of this story "I am 18 years old and the occupational heritage is awaited by the aged women, which remain stubborn in every bed. I will serve you as long as I keep the bed when I am divorced. Send back. No right seal is no money, just the blood of Shaykh will be my seal. And believe that the army of loyalty around you is the majority of those who hate you, just fear Has taught them to print and serve. ". Riaz Aqib Kohler is a popular story author and best writer. He is a standard essayist for the condensations and wrote some phenomenal stories. He earned notoriety for his experience and enthusiastic books which increased much readership. You may be download Harf e Dua Novel and Daldal by Riaz Aqib Kohlar.

ریاض عاقب کوہلر

Rakhail Novel
Rakhail Riaz Aqib Kohler

Mother (Maa) by Maxim Gorky Book in Urdu PDF Free Download

Mother by Maxim Gorky Urdu

Mother (Maa) written by Maxim Gorky book in Urdu PDF free download. This is an Urdu translation famous book of Mother. The well known novel of progressive change and battle. This epic of Russia before the Revolution is without inquiry the perfect work of art of Gorky, Russia's most prominent living author. Into one energetic, shocking book has been assembled the soul of the startling battle against the Czar's absolutism. In it Russia stands forward in a surge of light. Maxim Gorky is a Soviet writer, dramatist and writer, He was an originator of social authenticity. Albeit referred to mainly as an author, he was nearly connected with the turbulent progressive time of his own nation. The Mother, one of his best-known works, is the tale of the radicalization of an uneducated lady that was later taken as a model for the Socialist Realist epic, and his personal magnum opus Childhood. This Novel is available for free download or reads online in a PDF format the full text online using our blog get pdf from below links. You can also read Maksim Gorky Afsaney and Stories Kahanian by Mansoor Bukhari and History of Russian Revolutionary by Leon Trotsky in Urdu.
Maa Urdu Novel PDF

Maxim Gorky Book in Urdu

Neel Ki Sahira By H Rider Haggard Urdu Novel PDF Download

Neel Ki Sahira Rider Haggard

Neel Ki Sahira by H Rider Haggard Urdu novel PDF download in free or read online. This is a prevalent English author and English essayist. He is best known for his traveller books that were converted into numerous different dialects. "Neel Ki Sahira" is Rider Haggard's tale in the Urdu dialect. Neel Ki Sahira is the Urdu variant of a standout amongst the most prevalent books of Sir Henry Rider Haggard. He composed an extensive number of books and short stories. The greater part of his books stayed super hit, and a portion of his accounts picturized for more than one time. This is the narrative of an Old Egyptian mystical performer who was going to wind up Pharaoh (Egyptian King) yet he stayed as a captive of an excellent villain ruler. Sir Rider Haggard has composed this story in an extremely delightful manner and that is the reason the compiler interpreted Mr Fatigued's tale into Urdu dialect and named it as Neel Ki Sahira (The charming ruler of Nile). The Nile is the greatest stream flown in Egypt. Now get a pdf file from the given below links at the end of this article.

Rider Haggard Novel Urdu
Neel Ki Sahira Novel

Hatheli Pe Pani By Rahat Wafa Urdu Novel Online PDF Download

Hatheli Pe Pani By Rahat Wafa

Hatheli Pe Pani written by Rahat Wafa Urdu novel online PDF download in free or read online. This is an amazing accumulation of some incredible short stories by Rahat Wafa. The essayist examined diverse parts of life in these accounts. She clarified the sentiments and feelings of adoration which are the necessities of a cheerful life. The writer examined various issues in this novel. The book contains stories like Asaib, Zamanat, Qeemat, Bano Aur Baili, Pakki Sarak, Banki, Phir Se, and Purana Suitcase. Rahat Wafa is the best female story author, writer, and author. She created some incredible books and books which got an incentive from the perusers. Rahat Wafa thought of a few dramatizations for the stations which got a high viewership. Now download and save pdf file copy from the below links.


Rahat Wafa Urdu Novel Online

Rahat Wafa Novesl

Adhoori Aurat by Munazza Saleem Novel Urdu Download PDF

Adhoori Aurat by Munazza Saleem

Adhoori Aurat by Munazza Saleem Novel Urdu download PDF free or read online. Adhuri Aorat by Munazza Saleem is a delightful story which is last sensationalized by a private TV channel and got distinction step by step. The Award-winning novel in with the creator portrayed an intriguing social sentimental and moral improving story in the Urdu dialect. This tale distributed In 2010, the principal release of her first novel "Adhoori Aurat" was distributed. This tale likewise got the principal prize from the instructive board. This epic offering us to contemplate different issues of our general public. Munazza Saleem was conceived on January 13, 1951, in Lahore. She got her M.Sc degree in Country Sociology from the Agricultural University Lailpur in 1973. Amid her stay in the college, she has turned into the editorial manager of the Urdu area of the University Magazine. Munazza Saleem has got best author grant in 1971-72 from the University. She likewise has the respect of being the primary female individual from "Halqa e Arbab e Zauq Lyallpur" (association of scholars). She was perusing fiction and comic articles in different sessions of Halqa e Arbab e Zauq. You may be read Phool Lakhun Baras Nahi Rehty and Mera Qibla Te Kaba.

Adhoori Aurat Novel free
Adhoori Aurat PDF

Shehteer Urdu Novel Online By MA Rahat PDF Urdu Free Download

Shehteer Urdu Novel

Shehteer Urdu novel online by MA Rahat PDF Urdu free download this novel Shehteer or Shahteer novel create into the real world by the essayist MA Rahat. Is an extremely extraordinary Urdu story. this novel writes in an alternate style and look, easy to peruse books each one. for kids. Marghoob Ali Rahat popularly known as MA Rahat was a Pakistani spy Urdu novel writer he died at the age of 64. he writes many famous Urdu jasoosi novels. Read very interesting local storybooks from this ebook online digital library. You may read Sher Dil and Kala Jado. 

Shehteer By MA Rahat
Shehteer Novel Online

49 Din By Amrita Pritam Urdu Novel PDF Free Download

Unchas 49 Din Amrita Pritam

Unchas 49 Din composed by Amrita Pritam Urdu novel PDF free download or read online. Amrita Pritam was an Indian writer, writer and artist, who wrote in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. She is viewed as the principal conspicuous lady Punjabi writer, author, and writer, and the main twentieth-century artist of the Punjabi dialect, who is similarly cherished on the two sides of the India-Pakistan fringe. In her vocation crossing more than six decades, she wrote 28 books, 18 compilations of writing, five short stories and 16 random exposition volumes. Free read the best Urdu novel and download pdf format from this blog. I hope you like this book and share to friends. You may be read Sailab e Tabassum by Shaukat Thanvi and Omar e Rafta by Sahib Zada Maqsood Ul Rasool.

49 Din Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam Urdu Novel


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