Technical Mathematics The Metal Trade

Technical Mathematics For The Metal Trade PDF Book free downloads or read online T.T.P Series No. 1 by Manpower & Training, Punjab. This coursebook contains Parts I and II. Part I is a reexamined release of a previous distribution. It is explicitly intended for talented work preparation being led by the Directorate of Manpower and Training, Punjab. Since the time the endeavor of the Technical Training and Apprentices Training Schemes started, trouble was felt in bestowing hypothesis directions because of the non-accessibility of appropriate course readings at this level.

All together. to beat these hardships the Development Cell For Skilled Labor Training has been set up under the aegis of the Directorate of Manpower and Training under the Pak-German Technical Assistance Program and has taken close by this undertaking as one of the exercises. The principal expectation in distributing reading material of this series is to cover the schedules of the normalized instructional classes worked out under a similar program.

This will assist the educators to follow the courses stringently as per the schedule and help the students and understudies to rehash all alone. The utilization of International Units of estimation (SI-framework) has been underlined all through the book. It is trusted that this book will be found helpful in getting the ideal goals. Be that as it may, ideas to make it more helpful and to further develop its standard would be particularly valued and might be shipped off The Development Cell for Skilled Labor Training, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, the fifth August 1976. Farid Ud Din Aitnad Director, Manpower and Training, Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.

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Technical Mathematics Metal Trade