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Surah Quraish PDF Download Read Online Surat Lilafi Al Quraish Surah with Urdu Transaltion Surah Le Elaf  Arabic with Urdu Tarjuma. Surah Quraysh or Elif is the 106th and Maki Surah of the Qur'an which is in the 30th verse. This surah is called Quraysh or Elaf because it refers to the unity of Quraysh. This surah describes God's blessings on the Quraysh and their responsibilities. It is narrated from the Prophet that whoever recites Surah Quraysh, God Almighty will give him ten virtues equal to the number of those who perform Tawaf and I'tikaaf in Masjid-ul-Haram.

This surah is called Quraysh or Elif because it deals with the unity of Quraysh (Lailaf Quraysh). The order of descent, Surah Quraysh is a part of the Meccan Surahs of the Qur'an and is the 29th Surah in the order of revelation which was revealed to the Prophet. This surah is the sixth surah in the order of the Mushaf and is in the thirtieth verse of the Holy Qur'an. A number of verses and words, Surah Quraysh has four verses, 17 words, and 76 letters. This surah is one of the "pigs of Qasar" in terms of volume.

Surah Quraysh is talking about the Quraysh from beginning to end and describing the blessings of God on the Quraysh and their duties towards them in the words that God has emphasized that the basis and axis of this unity are God. He is the Lord of the Kabah and He has turned their hunger into prosperity and their unrest into peace and comfort.

The commentators think that Surah Feel and Quraysh are one and the same Surah. This is because their demands are closely linked. Similarly, if a person chooses Surah Quraysh in one of the first two Rakats of the prayer, then it is necessary for him to recite the two together.

The gist of this surah is that the blessings of Allah Almighty are innumerable. They traveled to Yemen in the winter and to Syria in the summer, and people everywhere called them Ahl al-Haram and respected them. They traded in peace, benefiting from these trades Where there is no cultivation and no means of livelihood, there is a constant flow of capital,

This blessing of Allah Almighty is evident to them and they benefit from it, so they should give thanks for this blessing and worship the Lord of the Kabah who provided them with food in this state of hunger through these journeys. He gave them peace because of the lack of cultivation in their homeland before these journeys and gave them peace because of the Holy Haram and because they are from Makkah. The tide continues to fall, caravans are looted and passengers are killed.

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Surah Quraish PDF Download