Seerat E Rasool E Arabi Peghambar E Aman

Seerat E Rasool E Arabi Peghambar E Aman Urdu transaltion by Yasir Jawad and Written by Karen Armstrong PDF free download or read online. Muhammad, The Prophet of Our Time The author of the book under review is primarily British, having been a Catholic nun for seven years. He later became interested in studying Semitic religions. He also authored two dozen books aimed at introducing a study of the major religions of the world, particularly Islam, Christianity, and Judaism that would bring the followers of those religions closer together.

He also studied Islam from a specific point of view and gave his opinion on it as a non-Muslim, which sometimes reflects less knowledge or sometimes prejudice. For example, in their view Islam is not a universal religion, similarly, they are not ready to accept the Muslim point of view regarding the event of Ascension and the arrangement of Surahs of the Quran. Obviously, she is a non-Muslim, so she will look at Islam and the views of Muslims in a certain way.

In the book under review, Karen Armstrong has also seen and described the life of the Holy Prophet with her own special eyes. The book has five chapters: Mecca, Jahiliyyah, Hijrah, Jihad, and Islam. Your life was a jihad. The book is worth reading, especially to see what today's Orientalists think of the Holy Prophet.

 An endless series of devotional and systematic devotional offerings on the biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has been going on for centuries and will continue forever. Thousands of social reformers, philosophers and rulers, thinkers and politicians, legislators and administrators of the kingdom, well-wishers of human beings, and those who work for their welfare have come into the world, but the universal impact on human society Compiled by Grameen, no one else has been so influential.

 Numerous books have been written about the personality and message of the Prophet in every age and in every region of the world. The purity of his personality and morals has been witnessed by all and sundry and the echo of his teachings and thoughts can be heard in every region of the world. The book "The Prophet of Peace" by Karen Armstrong is a world-renowned author. She was born on November 14, 1944, in Worcestershire, West Midlands, United Kingdom. The subject matter of Karen's books is to present a study of the major religions of the world, especially Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in a way that creates kinship.

In the book under review, the author compares the age of Jahiliyyah and the age of Islam and calls Islam good times. Dividing this book into five chapters (1. Mecca, 2. Jahiliyyah, 3. Hijrah, 4. Jihad, 5. Islam) has highlighted his biography by giving him the title of Prophet of Peace. This book has been translated into Urdu by Yasir Jawad. May Allah Almighty accept his efforts. Amen. At the same time, if the following suggestions are taken into account in the next edition, the usefulness of the book will be further enhanced.

 پیغمبر امن ﷺ سیرت النبی 21 ویں صدی کے نئے چیلنجوں کے تناظر میں

 از کیرن آر مسٹرانگ اردو ترجمہ یاسر جواد

آپ یہ کتابیں بھی ڈاؤنلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں

Peghambar E Aman Urdu By Yasir Jawad

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