Scientific Tafseer Of Quran In Urdu

Scientific Tafseer Of Quran In Urdu Ek Tangidi Mutala PDF Book free download or read online.Quran Kareem Ki Sainsi Tafseer Ek Tanqeedi Mutala by Maulana Usaid Ul Qadiri 2nd edition 2009. In this book, Allama Aseed-ul-Haq Qadri Badawi has adopted a scientific, research, and critical style regarding the scientific interpretation of the Qur'an. Since this book describes scientific inventions and research in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith. Therefore, Allama Badawi has written it in such a way that the true spirit of scientific interpretation is revealed. He has compiled all the contents of scientific commentary before the average reader. 

Allama Badawi has also described in detail the contradictions and some inconsistencies in the Qur'an and science. Allama Badawi has stated the reason for compiling this book. So he writes: “In Al-Azhar Sharif when I was a student of the year of mediation in the department of commentary. At that time I became acquainted with the meaning and significance of scientific commentary. For the subject of Dakheel fi Tafsir, the book of the respected teacher, Dr. Jamal Mustafa Sahib, Usul al-Dakheel fi Tafsir ai Tanzeel, was included in the syllabus. 

He also used to read books on the subject, which he used to teach himself. In the final year, all students are required to write a research paper. I intend to write an essay on the subject. " Allama Badawi wrote and submitted his research paper on the completion of teaching at Al-Azhar University. He wrote and submitted an article entitled “Al-Tafsir Al-Alimi for Quran Studies in Cash”. Then translated it over the holidays. Which was published in installments in the monthly "Mazhar-e-Haq", Badaun. After that the quarterly magazine Badaun, Karachi also published it. 

I felt the need to revise my previous article. Therefore, I rearranged it and made many additions and deletions. And published in "Jam Noor" in installments (August 2006 to November 2006). From "Jam Noor" itself, the monthly "Soye Hijaz", Lahore, was included in the March 5 issue. Now Taj Al-Fahul Academy Badaun, India is publishing it in book form. I intended to add some more when this article was published in book form, but due to other important engagements, it is not possible to put this intention into practice at this time. Taj Al-Fahul Academy Badaun, India published this article in 2008 while Maktab Barakat Al Madina Karachi in Pakistan published it in September 2012.

The author of the Arabic dissertation presented at Al-Azhar University in Egypt has adapted it in Urdu format. After introducing the commentary code, he has presented the views of later and contemporary scholars regarding gambling and non-gambling. Allama Badawi's book "Scientific Interpretation of the Qur'an" is a unique book on scientific exegesis. In particular, the issue of gambling and illegitimacy has been discussed in detail. His style statement is investigative, critical, and informative. Writing a book is easy and common sense. Thanks to this the usefulness of the book is increased, a few quotations are given as an example in the field of writing style. 

Explaining the definitions given by his teacher Jamal Mustafa Al-Najjar, Allama Badawi writes: Allama Badawi quotes an excerpt from the commentary of Allama Ibn Abi Al-Fadl Al-Mursi with reference to Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti: “The first and the last sciences have been collected in the Qur'an. Even there is no knowledge about what the Qur'an does not indicate. "Allama Badawi quotes Imam Mutawali al-Shu'arawi's book, The Miracle of the Qur'an, as saying: Now the age of science has begun. That is why the unseen world has hidden in the Qur'an some things which can prove the miracle of the Qur'an in front of those who make such claims.

Explaining the position of Imam Abu Ishaq Shatibi, Allama Badawi writes: “It is not permissible for us to include these sciences in the Qur'an. Which are against its requirements. Just as it is not right for us to neglect the sciences that are in accordance with the requirements of the Qur'an. “Allama Badawi, referring to some of the inconsistencies in scientific commentary, writes: The result was that the verse began to be interpreted regardless of the context of the verse and its glorious revelation. On the contrary, if ever there was a need to prove a scientific hypothesis in accordance with the Holy Qur'an, there was no hesitation in opposing the Arabic lexicon and grammatical rules.

In this book, Allama Badawi has elaborated on the meaning and concept of scientific commentary and the views of later and contemporary people who are convinced of its legitimacy and invalidity. He has also mentioned some inconsistencies in the Qur'an and science with regard to contradictions and with regard to scientific interpretation. The reasons and justifications given by the scholars and researchers for the reasons and justification of the practice of scientific interpretation have also been stated. Finally, examples of unpopular scientific commentaries are given. In addition, Allama Badawi has copied the views of the pioneers regarding scientific commentary.

 قرآن کریم کی سائنسی تفسیر ایک تنقیدی مطالعہ از مولانا اسید الحق قادری

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Scientific Tafseer Of Quran In Urdu