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Qatra Qulzam PDF Urdu book free download written by Iftikhar Ahmed Iftikhar or read online. Best Islamic Afkar book read from this ebooks library. A man by nature has always been influenced by the lifestyle of others, which is why he cannot be happy even after getting everything, this is the cause of great misfortune. Is going and surprisingly people are attracted to it. Many of my acquaintances fell prey to this termite-infested evil and caused a decline in morals and character. The most painful thing for me is the tendency of the educated class towards materialism. 

There are things, man needs wealth to fulfill his legitimate desires but misuse of wealth and lust deprives man of humanity. Allah Almighty has created the universe and all its things for the convenience and needs of human beings. They are against it and the other demands it and humanity itself. Materialism is a deadly disease that severely affects human morals, character, and social values, which increases oppression and injustice. Allah has warned the man and has declared materialism as a means of deception. 

In the mortal world, innumerable creatures have been created, but of all the creatures, only man has been given the honor of the noblest of creatures. This is the reason why man has used his brain to come up with such inventions which were not even imagined. Man is being developed today with every coming day. All the inventions that have taken place from ancient times to the present day are proof that man used the gift of the mind given to him by Allah Almighty and reached this place and saw this man who was lost in the darkness of ignorance till today. 

After receiving the light of this mind, it has reached the moon. But unfortunately, the modern man uses his brain only for material interests and is wasting his brain in pursuit of material benefits and worldly pleasures. Materialistic man considers only material progress, wealth, and means as the ascension of life, even if it is against divine rules, human relationships, and moral values. It has become difficult to maintain harmony. If a person thinks that the abundance of wealth will make him dignified in society and he can buy comfort and satisfaction from it, then get rid of this idea and delusion from his heart and mind, because man is not immersed in materialism but Only by correcting one's morals and values ​​and paying one's dues can one attain peace and tranquility.

The guardians of materialistic civilization have been present in all ages. The materialistic system still exists in society today in various forms. On the contrary, the process of building and expanding the materialist system by wrapping it in beautiful clothes is in progress. It is painful. The sphere of materialistic civilization revolves around "one's own caste, one's own desires, one's own interests". This system creates class divisions in society. Increases. Anxiety, chaos, and various diseases grow in society. New forms of violence are being invented. 

Especially the increasing incidence of violence against children is deplorable. Extremism, use of force, arrogance, cruelty, and persecution have taken the form of epidemic diseases in our society. Instead of saving lives, life has become easier. The negative effects of materialistic civilization have affected our educational institutions, economic system, family system, our homes. Shame, values, ​​and traditions have been forgotten. Waste of everything has become common, easy. Waste of mobile, waste of time on the internet, cooking too much, waste of food at home, parties, shopping, shopping, clothes, curtains. Things are important, human beings are disrespectful ... human beings are easy to despise ... The dangerous effects and harms of the promotion of civilization are manifesting.

قطره قلزم از افتخار احمد افتخار

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Qatra Qulzam PDF Urdu Book