PHP, MySQL in Urdu PDF

PHP MySQL Web Development in Urdu Using and Learning PDF Free download or read online book Web Development Using PHP programming and MySQL in the Urdu language learn or read about computer software programming MySQL is the most popular database system used with PHP. This basic Urdu Tutorial for web developers and learners. Learn Basic PHP MYSQL in Urdu Lecture in PDF. You can make notes in Urdu according to initial to final classes through this literature The following content in this book are:

  • Introduction of PHP
  • What is PHP SQL?
  • The History of PHP.
  • What is the MySQL?
  • What is the use of PHP and SQL in Urdu?
  • How we use the MySQL database?
  • How can I create a database in MySQL?
  • How to connect to MySQL database?
  • What is XAMPP? and more
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