Namaz E Janaza Ki Dua PDF Free Download Full Arabic With Urdu English Transaltion Namaz Funeral Ki Dua for a Boy and Girl included in PDF complete booklet free download, Dua Bali Mard Nabali Larka and Larki Dua with Tarjuma, nabaligh larki ki dua, nabalik janaza ki dua, na Balig bachay and Bachi ladke ki dua namaz e janaza.

The prayer that is offered for the forgiveness of the dead (the dying person) does not include bowing or prostration, only standing and supplication. The coffin of the dead. The Islamic method is to lay the dead body in front of the qiblah. Close your eyes. It is bathed in lukewarm water and shrouded.

The martyrs are not bathed or shrouded. They are buried in blood-stained clothes. The body is laid on four legs and the corpse is carried on the shoulders and slowly carried to the funeral. Funeral prayers are offered at a holy place. There is no prostration in this prayer. Only four Takbirs are said. After the first Takbeer Sana, after the second Durood Sharif, after the third dua are recited, and after the fourth Takbeer salutation is returned. After the prayers, the deceased is buried in the grave facing the qiblah. Attending the funeral is obligatory and the funeral prayer is also obligatory.

Method of Funeral Prayer

  • If the deceased is a man, then the Imam should stand in the middle of the deceased and the Muqtada should stand behind the Imam like the rest of the prayers, then the four Takbeers should be explained. :
  • Recite Sana after the first Takbir
  • Read Durood Sharif after the second.
  • Say the third Takbeer and recite its dua
  • (Separate supplication for minor boy and girl is mentioned in Ahadith Mubarakah)
  • Say the fourth Takbeer. After a short silence, open your hands on both sides and greet them.

When the funeral prayer is over, the Sunnah is that the corpse should be carried to his grave as soon as possible. He should turn his face towards the qiblah and then untie the knot of the shroud. Then he should close the hole of the grave with the mud. The tomb should be covered with mud and the grave should be raised from the ground with a pillow of pebbles and stones should be placed on it water should be sprinkled on it there is no problem in placing stones on either side of the tomb The grave could be found.

Since the family of the deceased is in grief, it is Mustahab to go to them for condolence so that their grief can be alleviated by sharing their grief and they can be instructed to be patient, condolences can be expressed with any words. It is as if he says that it was Allah who took it and it is Allah who gives it. "He has a set time for everything. So be patient and be accountable."

Funeral prayers are obligatory and sufficient. If some people perform them, then all of them will be absolved, but if no one performs them, then all of them will be sinners. The method of performing this is that the Imam should stand in front of the chest of the deceased. If the deceased is an adult, then he intends to pray for his forgiveness, and if the deceased is a minor, then he intends to make him his furt, reward and store, intercessor, and acceptable intercessor.

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