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How To Take Care Of Your Heart Book Urdu PDF by Nazir Meenai Apne Dil Ki Hifazat Keejiye translated by Nazir Meenai free download or read online Urdu health ebooks This is a post in the same series that I intended to collect the books written on science in Urdu in one place in an organized manner. Some posts in this regard have been made before, one of which contains the names of more than sixty books written or translated in Urdu with download links. 

Cardiovascular disease is the most common heart disease worldwide. Just as every part of the body needs oxygen, so the responsibility for providing energy to the heart rests with the three arteries at the level of the heart. The arteries that carry blood to the heart are called "coronary arteries". When these coronary arteries become constricted due to cholesterol accumulation, the heart does not have a proper blood supply and develops symptoms of heart disease. 

Therefore coronary artery disease CAD. Or increased risk of coronary heart disease. The most common symptom of CAD is a feeling of restlessness or angina in the chest, and this is due to the insufficient blood supply to the heart, in which the main cause of obstruction is fat or fatty plaque. If a piece of blood forms on this plaque, it completely stops the flow of blood to the heart and begins to damage the heart muscle. This is commonly called a heart attack. Angina is a loss of blood supply to the heart that occurs without injury, while a heart attack can severely affect the heart muscle.

Coronary artery disease is treated medically or in other ways, for which there are a number of medications available, which can be used to increase the supply of oxygen to the heart so that the heart function becomes more efficient. Blood thinners can also be helpful in case of a heart attack if used immediately and in a timely manner. Sometimes these drugs do not fully achieve the desired goals and then other therapies are used. 

Coronary angiography is a similar procedure in which images of arteries (arteries that carry blood to the heart) are taken with the help of X-rays, dyes, and cameras. This is not a surgery, but a diagnostic test, which does not cause pain or discomfort and is performed without anesthesia. Angiography allows a complete examination of the arteries and their affected arteries. This information is used to decide whether to have angioplasty or bypass surgery.

Angioplasty is a procedure in which the narrowing of the arteries of the heart is removed with the help of a balloon and they are dilated without surgery, then a stent (spring) is inserted in it so that the artery does not become obstructed again. Be born This is not surgery and is performed without anesthesia. If the obstruction is severe enough, then bypass surgery is recommended, for which veins are taken from the leg and used as an alternative artery to the heart.

Continuing this line, today about three hundred and sixty more scientific books written on various topics are being presented to you. One thing to keep in mind here is that the books I had previously presented were scanned from my own collection of books, while the majority of these books have been downloaded from Rekhta. This means that these books are already available on the Internet. I've just gathered them in one place. 

On the line, you can read books online while there is currently no download facility. While you can easily download this book by clicking on the name of the book here. Let me just say that I respect copyright and I am against making any book available on the internet against the will of its publisher or author. The majority of the books presented here are already on the line. However, if anyone has any objections to the availability of this book, they can contact me and I will remove this book from here. 

In addition, all friends who want to download books on mobile phones, open this post in Google Chrome instead of the Facebook browser and check the desktop site by clicking on the three dots that appear in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Take. Most of the books are on popular science, meaning they can be read by any class, while some books are textbooks. One and a half books on science fiction are also in it. I try to present science fiction books separately.

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