General Knowledge Book English Class 2

General Knowledge Book English Class 2 PDF Sindh Textbook Board Jamshro free download Class II 2022 2021 School gk ebook for kids or childern class two students read online.  Millions of students take the matriculation exam every year and the result of this exam is the basis of the child's future. When education policies become bureaucratic and educators (professors and headmasters) are not considered worthy of consultation, not only will the problem persist, but the consequences will only get worse. Before the advent of textbook boards, the English matriculation paper consisted of 100% Unseen questions. Essay (story), Urdu to English and English to Urdu translation, grammar, proverbs, all the questions were unseen. 

There was no textbook for A paper either. As a result, the headmaster of each school would select textbooks and grammar and translation books from the many books printed in the market. These books available in the market were written by very experienced and qualified teachers. There was competition in the market so every publisher tried to get books written by the best teachers so that the headmasters could select their books. Older people will still remember the names of Afzal Anwar Mufti, Chaudhry Tufail Muhammad, Ferozuddin Feroz, MA Aziz, Asghar Zaidi, Bashir Ahmed, etc., who wrote the best books in English but thanks to the textbook boards, these great teachers and His books were removed from the scene and his books were made compulsory. 

These books are not standard and making them compulsory has made the situation extremely bad. The authors of these books are one or two big names and one or two junior lecturers. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Since the book was selected before it was written and Reuters was sure to receive a check, the board wrote the ultimate straightforward book from the publishers and shaved the students' heads. Now two books are read in class IX and two books in class X. Both the papers are SET from these books. Articles, stories, paragraphs, translations, grammar questions are all taken from these books. Not a single word in the exam papers is out of these books and thus the work of the students has become very easy. 

They write without understanding these two books well and get so many marks in the examination that it is as if the people of the old generation are left with bad fingers. In matriculation, our English was much better than theirs but the marks were less than theirs. It was not easy to get 60% marks in those days but these new generation matriculates get more than 90% marks. Memorizing is not a difficult task. In any case, the more dull the mind of a student, the faster he will be in memory. This is the reason why these modern-day students get nervous when they have to write something on their own. 

They want to make everything so that writ can be taken and lots of numbers can be taken. I am very disappointed to see the lessons written in these books. A very heavy language that is devoid of every day and idiomatic fluency. These writers do not know which students we are addressing. What language should be used? What should be the style of speaking? Writing is obviously not an easy task for young students. Must have a little bit of literary ability. Must have access to basic language principles. Everyone who teaches in a college for a few years does not have to be able to write a good book.

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General Knowledge Book English Class 2