English Book Class 2 PDF Download Sindh

English Book Class 2 PDF Download Sindh Text Board 2021 2022 free read online Class 2 My English Text Book in PDF by Sindh Textbook Board Jamshoro. Give all reading material books on the site Karachi (Education Reporter) Sindh Textbook Board Jamshoro and Textbook Board has made accessible every one of the course readings of government schools on its site to reestablish the instructive progression of the understudies during the Corona Lockdown. 

Books can be downloaded for nothing from the site. Books from nursery to class XII instructed in government schools are accessible on the site. Books from both public and non-public schools will be accessible on the site. Course reading board authorities say there are no charges for downloading books from the web. Multiple and a half crore kids will profit from the books accessible on the site.

I have been watching the progress on this subject and now I would like to say something about it. As far as I am concerned, the real motivation behind the digitization of textbooks is the online provision of materials in Urdu to guide the students. Digitizing textbook-book books alone may not be beneficial as their content, layout, and quality are constantly changing. And which can be improved over time. I think this could be the best way to do this on Wikipedia. (Okay Baba I'll finish the work soon to add Wikipedia too: p) Guides and summaries, I think, have been discussed in good faith. 

The main purpose is to provide students with research and reference materials. Such content is plentiful on the web in English and other Latin languages, but it is almost non-existent in Urdu. Here I would also like to say that it asks for a different approach from the work of the digital library, although the work is of the same nature. I think the content to be set up in this regard should be planned first. It can be divided into different subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. and within these subjects, it can be divided according to the degrees ie ninth grade, tenth grade, etc.

Unit 1
1. Oral Communication: Introduction
2. Reading: About Myself
3. Grammar: Use of am, are, is
4. Punctuation: Proper Nouns
5. Writing: Sentence Completion

Unit 2
1. Oral Communication: Social Courtesies
2. Reading: My New Classes
3. Grammar: Describing Words
4. Punctuation: Capital Letters and Full stop
5. Writing: Simple Sentences

Unit 3
1. Oral Communication: Taking Care of a Pet
2. Reading: Kheeri
3. Grammar: Full stop and Question Mark
4. Punctuation: Describing a Bird
5. Writing: Ding Dong Bell

Unit 4
1. Oral Communication: Let’s Play
2. Reading: Let’s Play-Cricket
3. Grammar: Singular and Plural
4. Punctuation: Commas in a Series
5. Writing: Asking Questions

Unit 5
1. Oral Communication: At a party
2. Reading: Brave Arifa
3. Grammar: Pronouns
4. Punctuation: Exclamation Marks
5. Writing: Ordinal Numbers

Unit 6
1. Oral Communication: Pakistan
2. Reading: Freedom Day
3. Grammar: Pronouns
4. Punctuation: Exclamation Mark
5. Writing: Describing a Picture
6. Fun: Colour the Flag

Unit 7
1. Oral Communication: Seeking Attention
2. Reading: A Goat for Eid
3. Grammar: Opposites
4. Writing: Guided Paragraph
5. Fun: I’m a Little Pot (Poem)

Unit 8
1. Oral Communication: Asking Permission
2. Reading: At the Zoo
3. Grammar: Digraphs
4. Writing: Guided Paragraph
5. Fun: Word Search
6. Fun: In a Shoe (Poem)

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English Book Class 2 PDF Download Sindh