Electrician General Technical Drawing

Electrician General Technical Drawing Book 3 PDF Free Download or read online. Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority Punjab board of technical Education Trade Testing Cell. Lahore Pakistan T.T.P Series 6. Some are free online electricity courses with Certificate 2021 for those who consider an electrician a career or are interested in becoming an electrician. Relax and read carefully before making a final decision about becoming an electrician. In this course, you will learn about the sources of electricity and its generation, current, voltage, and resistance, their units, and their relation ie ohm law and its simple application. 

You will also learn this. Explain the series, how to describe parallel circuits and voltage drop in a line, how to estimate material and tools for all household installations, and how to use simple measuring instruments such as voltmeter, m meter, meter watt, and kilowatt meter and their use. The juice will teach you how to distinguish between single-phase and three-phase load, explain the single-phase motor used in machines, and how to fix its defects. After completing the course you will be able to explain the electrical drawings for ease of installation of PVC pipes and another wiring. Ensure the maintenance and management of occupational health and safety.

If you plan to become an electrician and you want to study it online, read this article carefully. As you may already know, are responsible for repairing and installing electrical systems such as lights and appliances in power plants, enterprises, industries, and other commercial buildings. Here are some of the benefits: It gives you plenty of time and space to acquire and master a new skill. It enables you to choose from a variety of electronic programs and courses. 

Courses are free, and the required course materials are available online at no cost. Students can quit their jobs and complete online courses. A free online course at the end of your program gives you prestige and a certificate. If you are interested in this course, you will specialize in classification design and control. Similarly, you will learn about the integration of cyber-physical components and technologies into systems, including modern networks for land, air, and water, and autonomous mobile systems.

Building Electrician + General Electrician Take a free trial class 2 days before admission. If you are satisfied with the classroom environment, theory, practicals, and teaching methods of the teachers and are satisfied with all the facilities provided in the lab, then take admission. Complete 1-year course on the fast track in 2 months. Repeat the course for 15 days, 1 month, or the whole course without any additional fee. 

Board exams are taken from its students only when the institution is 100% satisfied with its students. If you are not satisfied with the practical, theoretical, teaching methods of a teacher in any of the AGT courses, if you feel that your time has been wasted in the institution or the information related to the course, the brochures, prospectuses, Was given at the reception at the time of mobile phone application or admission. 

If you are not taught accordingly, your full fee will be refunded 100% without any deduction. In Building Electrician + General Electrician course, you will be given training and practicals according to the following course outline. 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, single phase wiring of farmhouse, 3 phase wiring Drawing wiring according to Bahria Town, DHA, and the Middle East standard Ceiling Decorating Wiring Arranging Emergency Lights at Weddings Generator connection, UPS connection and wiring under construction project cost Interviewing an electrical safety company as an electrician

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Electrician General Technical Book  PDF