Dua Taraweeh PDF Urdu Taravi Ki Dua

Dua Taraweeh PDF Urdu Taravi Ki Dua With Translation Download Arabic Text After 4 Rakat Tasbeeh for Taraweeh free read online Namaz e Taraweeh ki dua or Tarabi ki dua. This is the most famous Taravi ki dua prayer for Muslim dua after Taraweeh or Tasbih Taraweeh. The Taraweeh prayer that takes place in every four rak'ahs of Taraweeh prayers does not specify any specific action, Tasbeeh or Dua, etc. 

by the Shari'ah, every person has the option to recite any Tasbeeh, Recite, perform Nafl prayers individually, pray or remain silent. And if a person wants to recite Tasbeeh, he can recite whatever Tasbeeh he wants, for example, the third word, or only Subhan Allah, etc. And if a person recites the famous Tasbeeh, ie: Subhan Dhi Al-Mulk, etc., then there is no harm in it. This Tasbeeh can also be recited. However, this Tasbeeh should not be recited as-Sunnah or necessary, nor should it be recited collectively or aloud.

In Taraweeh, after every four rak'ahs, no special Tasbeeh or Dua has been proved by the hadiths. Therefore, it should not be considered necessary, but absolutely any dua or tasbeeh can be recited, and just like any dua should be recited after every four rak'ats, it should also be recited after 20 rak'ats and before witr. But there is nothing wrong with reciting the above-mentioned words of Tasbeeh (which are mentioned by Allama Shami (may Allah have mercy on him) with reference to Qahistani) without any difficulty and commitment. It should also be noted that Akbar also forbade its adherence and exaggeration (for example, to read aloud collectively, or to consider it obligatory, not to read more or less), not to read it at all.

After performing every four rak'ats in Taraweeh prayers, there is a pause, in which Tasbeeh Taraweeh, Azkar and Salat and Salam are recited. This is Tasbeeh Taraweeh. In Ramadaan there is a collective dua after Taraweeh, then in some places there is a continuous dua after the witr, arguing that it is correct to offer the collective dua when the witr is recited collectively in Ramadaan, just as after the obligatory prayers. 

The second argument that is given is that the question and answer in Fatawa Mahmoodiyah Volume 7, Chapter Al-Watir wal-Qanut is as follows: Is it Sunnah for the imam to offer loud prayers after Taraaweeh? Here too it is slowly recommended. And in some places, there is a collective dua after witr by reciting two rak'ats of nafl continuously and these people argue that we all finish the prayers and pray without considering it necessary than what is wrong with that and in some places, there is dua Not at all There are also serious differences between the three parties.

But adhering to the collective prayer in such a way that the person who is not participating in the collective prayer should not be criticized is also correct. If he goes, it is also permissible, and if a person does not pray this, then he should not be cursed. However, after Witr, Nawafil should be performed and again the collective prayer should be avoided. (Fatawa Mahmoodiyah, Kitab al-Salat)

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Dua Taraweeh PDF Urdu Taravi Ki Dua