Dua E Noor With Urdu Translation PDF

Dua E Noor With Urdu Translation PDF Free Download Full Arabic Duae Noor dua Noor ki Fazilat or benefits read online famous dua e Noor Sagheer and Kabir Arabic text Urdu Tarjuma Alhuda Allahumma ajal al Noor full image wit PDF. Translation: O Allah, make for my light in my heart, and light in my grave, and light before me and light behind me, and light to my right and light to my left, and light above me, and light below me, and light to my hearing. 

I, and the light in my sight, and the light in my hair, and the light in my flesh, and the light in my flesh, and the light in my blood, and the light in my bones, and O Allah, increase my light, and grant me, and give me full light. Make it O Allah, just as you have made my face good, make my life good too. There is no special time for reciting these duas. You can recite it after prayers or whenever you want. This dua is present in the prayers of Hazrat Thanwi (may Allah have mercy on him). There are seven stages in it. It mentions the prayer of light, there is no virtue in it. And Allah knows best, Darul Uloom Deoband.

* Allah puts love and adornment of faith in the heart of whomever He wills. The heart of such a person accepts guidance and he is rich in faith and conviction. The source and center of faith and belief and guidance is actually the heart. If the heart receives guidance, then all the other organs of the body are subject to the heart and this guidance is obtained only by the grace of Allah and His help. The greatest bounty of Allah and the greatest mercy from Him is that the servant should be guided.

There are many prayers circulating in the name of Dua-e-Noor, but no authentic or non-authentic tradition has been found in it. He taught Dua-e-Noor to Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA) and explained his virtue that reading it would never cause fever in life. See Mahj al-Dawaat, p.

Therefore, there is no mention of such a dua 'in the saheeh ahaadeeth or in the false Ahaadeeth, but it seems that these du'as have been invented at the present time, and what could be the purpose of this other than to make the Muslims recite the Saheeh and masnoon du'aa's? Put away the wrong things.

There are many things written in the virtues of this dua that have nothing to do with Shari'ah, for example, the one who accompanies this dua will live a life of luxury. There is no dua 'in the Shari'ah which is more beneficial than having it. The virtue of any duaa 'is not attained unless it is observed. Also, some virtues have been written about this du'aa' which are mentioned in the saheeh ahaadeeth, so in order to attain these virtues, Masnun du'aa's should be arranged. Below we are mentioning some du'aa's masnun with virtues.

دعائے نور (کبیر و صغیر) مع اردو ترجمہ

 آپ یہ بھی ڈاؤنلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں 

Dua E Noor With Urdu Translation PDF