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Computer Learning Book Sindhi

Free computer learning booklet In Sindhi by Jamil Ahmed Abbasi download pdf, This is information about Computer hardware and software booklet in the Sindhi language, A small definition of computer, Learn about keyboard keys and Uses, Mouse, CD Rom, DVD Rom writer, CD-RW, DVD-RW, Headphone, Printer, Scanner, Microphone, Web Camera, Digital Camera, TV Device, Internet modem, and Hub, USB and Memory Card, Floppy Drive, Power Supply and Cable, VGA cable, Mother Board, VGA or AGP card, Sound and land card, TV tuner or Capture card, Processor, Ram or DDR, Heat Sink, Hard Disk, Cell or Battery, SATA, Pata, Data Cable & Power Plug. How to Install Windows XP Professional Setup in Sindhi, Serial key windows XP is QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-8K83T. Read more easy download complete Sindhi learning booklet or read online. You can also read Jaann A Sindhi Book of Electronics And Computers and Luhana Sindhi to English and English to Sindhi Dictionary or Html in Sindhi by Gulam Haider Jamot


جميل احمد عباسي

Computer Learning In Sindhi