Construction Accidents Prevention

Accidents Prevention during Construction (Pictorial and Training Guide) Safety Urdu book pdf free download or read online author by Saeed Ahmed Awan, MSc Occupational Health (UK) MSc. Chemistry Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Laureate of Tech Award of Innovation Director Centre for the Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment (CIWCE), Lahore Pakistan Year of Publication: March 2009. At the point when platforms are not raised or utilized appropriately, fall dangers can happen. About 2.3 million development labourers as often as possible work on platforms. Shielding these labourers from framework related mishaps would forestall an expected 4,500 wounds and 50 fatalities every year. now download or read in the Urdu language from below links.


  •  Safety during working at Height 1-7
  •  Safety Tips during working on scaffolds 7-22
  •  Safety tips during transportation and storage of materials 23-36
  •  Safety tips while using the LTV and HTV 37-40
  •  Safety tips about the usage of Hand tools, machinery and chemicals 41-52
  •  Safety tips during lifting of Heavy Loads 53-56
  •  Safety tips during explosions 57-58 


Construction Accidents Urdu