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Urdu Imla PDF book download by Rasheed Hasan Khan free read online or get pdf file copy from this blog. Although our national language, Urdu, has not yet become a truly official language due to our linguistic and sectarian prejudices and the shortsightedness of the rulers, it has been researched that it is currently the second-largest language in the world. Is a language that is spoken. Like every major language, it has produced numerous books and references, and a large part of its scholarly, creative, critical and research capital can be placed in the forefront of world literature with great confidence. Such a language requires that it be written and spoken correctly. Because the basic unit of any language is its rules and regulations. Language is formed first and rules later, but to get acquainted with the language, it is necessary to know the rules of the language. The linguists never felt the need for rules, so they did not make rules. There is no denying the fact that a large number of Pakistanis who speak or write Urdu are grossly neglecting the health of their national language. Numerous grammar books have been published for schools and colleges with business objectives in mind. The grammar has been compiled by collecting material from here and there for name and compilation. In which no order was observed. Only the syntax is confused. They have been included in the book without distinguishing between fasting, proverbs, proverbs and sayings. These books only take care of the examination requirements but they do not meet the linguistic requirements. That is why there are so many errors in the articles that are published in newspapers and magazines. The study and research of the principles and rules of language is as important for the life of living and dignified nations as discipline and code of conduct are necessary for living. For survival and development, it is only a matter of time before Hamiyan Wahalian Urdu benefits from its results by researching its principles and standards. The book "Urdu Spelling" under review is the work of Mr. Rashid Hassan Khan. In this book, the author has clarified the principles and rules of spelling words in the Urdu language after research and search. He has compiled this book after thirteen years of research. This is the best and first book on standardization and research of spelling of words in the Urdu language. 

اردو املا

رشید حسن خان

Urdu Imla PDF Book Download