Pakistan Ke Deeni Masaalik

Pakistan Ke Deeni Masaalik by Saqib Akbar Urdu book PDF download or read online from this blog. This research Urdu book on Pakistan Muslim Masalik Berelvi, Deoband, Ahl Hadith, Asna Ashri and Ismaili. Pakistan Ke Deeni Masalik” has been published containing spiritual beliefs of all of the recognised schools of notion. The most sizable point is that all the mentioned non-secular scholars of every school of the concept have concurred on all of the contents of the ebook, which itself is a big success towards the heritage of developing sectarian hatred. The 384-page ebook contains chapters approximately Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahle Hadith, Shia, and Ismailia sects and can rightfully be claimed because the first serious effort to stem the growing tide of sectarian hatred. The ebook gives a simple lesson: to search for the benefits of Allah Almighty in one’s own way at the same time as getting rid of any mutual misunderstanding. Every effort has been made to encompass the thinking and philosophy and different troubles of every college of the idea. Credit must be given to Mr Saqib Akbar who embarked upon this direction with devotion. This book Published Al Bassera G Nine 3 Islamabad Pakistan. Best Urdu local book on Pak Muslim sects. Now easily read or download pdf file copy from below links we hope you like this ebook and share with friend and family.

 پاکستان کے دینی مسالک

تالیف: ثاقب اکبر

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