Gharnata Ka Chopan

Gharnata Ka Chopan By Aslam Rahi MA free download Urdu novel online PDF is a tale about the historical backdrop of Spain. Aslam Rahi MA is the writer of the book. The author depicts the standard of the Muslims in the Undlas.In the year 892, the Muslim power in Spain ended forever in 1492, and the last state of Gharnnath went to the occupation of the Christians. This incident is remembered as the name of Saqoot e Garnatan. The last Muslim Emirate in Spain, Abu Abdullah, ruler of Gharnnatha, surrendered to Taj Arghoon and the Christian rulers of Taj Arghoon, Queen Isabella and Shah Fredent, and in this way, the Muslim power over centuries has always ended. Under the agreement, Muslims were assured of complete religious freedom, but the Christian rulers did not maintain their promise for a long time, and Jews and Muslims were expelled from Spain. Muslims were forced to become a Christian, who refused to deny it. The shameful events of the last ruler Abu Dawood, before the fall of Gharnnata. He portrays their ascent and the purposes behind the ruin. He advised the battle of the Muslims to spare his standard in Spain. Aslam Rahi MA is the best story essayist and writer. He wrote numerous super hit history books and the other social, sentimental stories. He presented numerous legends of the Muslims to the adolescent.

غرناطہ کا چوپان 

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Gharnata By Aslam Rahi

Gharnata Ka Chopan Novel