Al Itteqan fi Uloom Al Quran

Free download or read online Islamic Quran Fehmi book Al Itteqan fi Uloom Al Quran by Allama Shaykh Jalaluddin Suyuti (R.A).Proficiency in the Sciences of the Quran: A book that examines the sciences related to the Holy Quran, such as the descent of the Quran, its times and facts, the readings, the Quranic verses, the Quranic verses and Tajweed, and the provisions of the Qur'an. with an explanation, these things and Representation by the promised  This is an Arabic book in Urdu translation a best Quran learning and research book in Urdu. Learn for Quran and research in Quran and about nature. This book is a great book regarding Quranic science. This book will not be left unpublished as a document containing the Quran. In this, Imam Sahib has written a detailed reference to the same (80) types of Quranic verses, of which 20 types of knowledge are covered  Now download Urdu version of this Arabic book gets a pdf file from below links. Read more book Tareekh ul Khulfa by Imam Suyuti and Islamic History book in Urdu Tareekh e Islam by Maulana Muhammad Main.

 الاتقان فی علوم القرآن

جلال الدین سیوطی

Shaykh Jalaluddin Suyuti

Quran learning book