Zakir Naik Aik Tajzia Aik Tehqeeq

I am not discrediting Dr. Naik entirely. The rule of inclination and fairness dictates that right is true and wrong is wrong notwithstanding WHO says it. Having aforementioned that, we will able to} conclude that solely those teachings of Zakir Naik ought to be accepted that are compatible with al-Qur'an and customary sense. as an example, Dr. Naik's assertions concerning divorce ar in complete harmony with al-Qur'an as he vehemently rejects the '' 3 Instant Divorces and Halalah". Also, Dr. Naik's defense to matrimony is smart as he statistically proves that higher feminine inhabited countries that have illegal matrimony at some reasonably disadvantage. He conjointly admits that al Quran encourages wedlock except for sensible reasons, has not prohibited matrimony at identical time. Yet Dr. Naik's defense for Bukhari, Saha Sitah, Imams of Fiqh, history and most significantly his affiliation with a selected faculty of thought such weaknesses that haven't solely hindered his ability to exercise keen judgment in comprehending Islam however these weaknesses have conjointly placed him among those students WHO consciously or unconsciously don't use al Quran as a sole criterion in preaching Islam.

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