About the Author

Robert Lafore has been writing books about computer programming since 1982. His best selling titles include Assembly Language Programming for the IBM PC, C Programming Using Turbo C++, C++ Interactive Course, and Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. Mr. Lafore holds degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering, and has been active in programming since the days of the PDP-5, when 4K of main memory was considered luxurious. His interests include hiking, windsurfing, and recreational mathematics.

Book Introduction

This book teaches you how to write programs in a the C++ programming language. However, 
it does more than that. In the past few years, several major innovations in software development have appeared on the scene. This book teaches C++ in the context of these new developments. Let’s see what they are.

Programming Innovations

In the old days, 20 or so years ago, programmers starting a project would sit down almost immediately and start writing code. However, as programming projects became large and more complicated, it was found that this approach did not work very well. The problem was complexity. Large programs are probably the most complicated entities ever created by humans. Because of this complexity, programs are prone to error, and software errors can be expensive and even life threatening (in air traffic control, for example).
They are Following

• Object-oriented programming (OOP)

The Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Improved software development processes

This book teaches the C++ language with these developments in mind. You will not only learn a computer language, but new ways of conceptualizing software development.

Object-Oriented Programming

Why has object-oriented programming become the preferred approach for most software projects? OOP offers a new and powerful way to cope with complexity. Instead of viewing a program as a series of steps to be carried out, it views it as a group of objects that have certain properties and can take certain actions. This may sound obscure until you learn more about it, but it results in programs that are clearer, more reliable, and more easily maintained. A major goal of this book is to teach object-oriented programming. We introduce it as early as possible, and cover all its major features. The majority of our example programs are object-oriented.

The Unified Modeling Language

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical language consisting of many kinds of diagrams. It helps program analysts figure out what a program should do, and helps programmers design and understand how a program works. The UML is a powerful tool that can make programming easier and more effective.

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