Azmat-e-Siam O Qiam-e-Ramadhan

By: Dr. Israr Ahmad


Dr. Israr Ahmad (Hilal-e-Imtiaz) was a great Islamic Scholar who served Islam for many years. A graduate of Medicine from King Edward Medical College Lahore, he did not take his medical qualification for his professional purposes. Rather he utilized this education in his Islamic and Quranic research work. he was really a great blessing of Allah bestowed upon all the Muslims across the globe. He has written many books and many of his speeches have also been converted into printed shape. Some of his books are given below. By clicking on the title of the book you can read and download all these books. These are very useful and informative books which satisfy the thrust of knowledge. Free Download Dr. Israr Ahmad Books, Dr. Israr Ahmad Books In English, Khutbat Dr. Israr Ahmad, Dr Asrar Ahmad Islamic Books, Knowledgeable Books Of Dr. Israr Ahmad.