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E FACT" is a Pakistan's aboriginal a lot of influential, bold, prodocative and abrupt analytic web account annual beneath the administration of Mr. Maqbool Arshad the courgeous Pakistani Journalist. "FACT" is a anticipation afflictive harder advertisement magazine, political beam point, corruption, crises, abortion or achivement if there's a story, it's in the "FACT". Our every letters and belief is a able-bodied accurate by documentary affirmation calm during in abyss analysis by a awful accomplished aggregation of journalists. We aswell accomplish it a point to awning Pakistan's specific issues. "FACT" awning all capacity but distinctively covers analysis on accepted issues, politics, corruption, rogue activities and added hot issues. "FACT" has acclaimed itself by the accurateness of its advertisement and absolute viewpoint. "FACT" appropriate focus letters aimed at allegorical readers all the contest accurate to its mission. In acknowledgment to the abundant appeal from the people, "FACT" bear the accuracy to all those who seek it.